“No story lives unless someone wants to listen..."

Spinning Yarns Theatre is all about connecting threads between artists and weaving stories together through collaboration.

Stories can be told in many ways and at Spinning Yarns we are interested in how traditional oral storytelling can interweave with other storytelling forms to create collaborative performance.
At the central core of all we do is story and words and as such we have worked with poets and musicians to create events to celebrate the power of stories.
Our ambition is to extend this and explore alongside physical performers and visual artists, how the spoken word can combine with the physical and visual 'word' to tell stories from Mythology and Folklore for a modern audience.

Spinning Yarns is dedicated to increasing the audience for oral storytelling. As such, we organise events in a variety of venues and are always happy to discuss creating new events for new spaces. If you would like to book one of our exisiting shows or discuss a new project just ... 


No Live In Person Events Yet.

With the country once again in lockdown we unfortunately can't offer any live in person events, but we do have our virtual events still running and hope to add some exciting workshops to this provision soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned for updates!


"The tradition of Oral storytelling brought to life by the Spinning Yarns collective.

A wonderful group of Storytellers."

"Attended my first Spinning Yarns event last night and it won't be my last. I just loved it! The storytellers were amazing, so expressive, their spoken word draws pictures in your mind and transports you into the story itself."

"A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening, that provoked lots to think about."