"The Universe is not made of atoms. It is made of Tiny Stories."  Joseph Gordon-Levitt



Exciting news we have been accepted as beneficiaries of the Mercury Creatives Programme and we will keep you updated on the exciting projects we have planned.

The world is full of stories just waiting to be told and here at Spinning Yarns we are passionate about telling them.

Our ethos is simple, to create opportunities to weave stories old and new from cultures around the world into exciting performance events for all ages.

Whether it's a well worn classic or a new tale inspired by classic themes, we will bring it to life through a simplicity that puts the story at the heart of the performance.

We run our regular bi-monthly event Word Spun in Southend, which brings storytelling, performance poetry and acoustic music together for an adult audience.

Our Collective of storytellers also run workshops and CPD training for organisations interested in using storytelling in their work.

"This collective gives a wonderful mix of music, poetry and stories. Quirky, surprising, they bring new and different talent to their evenings, as well as the accomplished regular team. I've never spent a moment at their evenings with my mind wandering.

Sometimes, I forget to breathe."